Criminal Investigation Division



C.I.D. investigates all categories of criminal activity.



Crimes Against The Person: These crimes include assaults, batteries, robbery and sexual assaults. These types of crimes include injury or assault to children. For information, please e-mail Gary Edwards or call 706-258-5231.



Crimes Against Property: These crimes include thefts, burglaries, damage, and arson. For information, please contact Investigator Sgt. J.K. Davenport at, or call 706-258-5233.









     The Fannin County Sheriff’s Office, Criminal Investigations Division (C.I.D.) is tasked with investigating all crimes that are not solved by deputies initiating the preliminary investigation. Investigators become involved in an investigation in one of two ways. First, an individual investigator is always on call, and may be requested any time day or night by responding deputies. Second, each report that is written in the field is reviewed by the C.I.D. commander, and then assigned to a particular investigator that is trained to conduct such investigations. In addition to investigations, C.I.D. is responsible for the maintenance of evidence and property related to criminal cases and the supervision of sex offenders and the sex offender registry. Additionally, C.I.D. conducts proactive and reactive investigations based upon citizen concerns and information. These investigations often include locating and apprehending fugitives, drug and narcotic search and seizures, and locating stolen property.



TIPS: C.I.D. appreciates your tips about all types of criminal activity within Fannin County. In partnership with the community, we can continue to make a difference. Remember, you can remain anonymous.

Click HERE to give a tip, or call 706-964-TIPS (8477)



INFORMATION: For information about the Criminal Investigations Division, please e-mail Lieutenant Justin Turner or call 706-258-5234.




CURRENT CASES: If you would like to know the status of your case, please call your assigned investigator, or e-mail them.  Call ahead, as investigators are often out of the office and working out in the field. If you are in doubt who is assigned to your case, call the office at 706-632-2044.




Financial Fraud and Identity Fraud: These include financial cards, forgeries, and related crimes. For information, please contact Investigator Lt. Justin Turner, or call 706-258-5234.



Evidence and Property: To pick up evidence, contact Lieutenant Turner. If evidence is being held for court, then it may only be released after a disposition is received from the Appalachian Circuit Office of the District Attorney.




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