School Resource Officer Information (SRO)


     A division of the Fannin County Sheriff's Office is in association with the Fannin County School System, the School Resource Officer program, otherwise known by it's acronym SRO. Currently under the supervision of Lieutenant Darvin Couch the School Resource Officer program began in 1997.


     Lieutenant Darvin Couch is positioned at the Fannin County High School. Other officers include Deputy Anthony Walden, positioned at Fannin County Middle School, Deputy Cindy George positioned at East Fannin Elementary, who also teaches the C.H.A.M.P.S program in the Elementary and Middle Schools, Deputy Joseph Barnes positioned at West Fannin, and Deputy Jason White positioned at Blue Ridge Elementary. All school resource officers are certified law enforcement officers.


     Along with traditional law enforcement duties, which includes the arrest powers, School Resource Officers provide the Fannin County School System with campus safety and security, classroom presentations, criminal investigations, parent and teacher conferences, as well as other activities such as C.H.A.M.P.S. (Choosing Healthy Activities and Promoting Safety).


School Resource Officers:


Fannin High School - Lieutenant Darvin Couch

Fannin Middle School - Deputy Anthony Walden

East Fannin Elementary- CHAMPS Instructor Deputy Cindy George

West Fannin Elementary - Deputy Joseph Barnes

Blue Ridge Elementary - Deputy Jason White


Lt. Darvin Couch


School Resource Officer

Fannin County High School

360 Rebel Circle

Blue Ridge, Ga 30513


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