Assistant Coordinator


     Fannin County Sheriff’s Office also has an Assistant Terminal Agency Coordinator, Dana Hawkins. Ms. Hawkins assists Mrs. Jackson with her daily duties, as well as many of her own. Ms. Hawkins is responsible for timely recording and filing of all incident reports and motor vehicle accident reports. A large portion of Ms. Hawkins time is dedicated to the recording of civil action summons and subpoenas. Through her data entry, she is able to maintain information, which ensures that all questions or concerns in regards to our receiving or to our serving these documents are easily answered.


     Ms. Hawkins also serves as an administrative assistant to the Criminal Investigations Division. In that capacity, Ms. Hawkins compiles new investigative files, which will be assigned to each investigator. She also prepares all correspondence for each investigator, which updates victims of crimes in Fannin County of their case’s status. Ms. Hawkins prepares and disseminates information requested from the Sheriff’s Office, not only from the public, but also from other offices within the court system. Additionally, Ms. Hawkins processes all criminal history (known also as “background check”) requests for our office.


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